So I really like KDE 5, definitely my favorite desktop environment. I also really like Dolphin for KDE-ish reasons (ie. you can customize the hell out of it very easily). However there was one small quirk that I couldn’t seem to make my own and that was the right-click menu action, ” Send as email attachment” which defaults to Kmail.  Since I am a Thunderbird fan this was just simply annoying and nothing in the configuration menus would allow to change this.

After doing some digging I found a simple and easy way to fix this. Editing a couple of lines in the kmail_addattachmentservicemenu.desktop file fixed things very nicely. If you want to have the Send as email attachment open a Thunderbird new message (with the selected file attached) then this is all you need to do is:

Head on over to /usr/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus and open kmail_addattachmentservicemenu.desktop. Near or at the bottom is a line:

Exec= kmail blah blah blah

Change the line to and add the Icon=thunderbird line below so it looks like this:

Exec=thunderbird -compose attachment=”file:///%f”

Save the file,  (you’ll need su privy’s) Login and out or reboot and you are good to go. Now you can right click on a file and attach to a new message in Thunderbird.

After much searching with not much success I finally found this page:

Which also explains how to do the above in KDE 4 . So many thanks to!